Simplestack was made to be the layer between a provisioning application and many different hypervisors.

The main goal for Simplestack is to connect to different hypervisor and execute atomic tasks, no logic to handle hosts or complex tasks was added leaving that responsability to the client application using it.

When executing any command through Simplestack (refer to REST API for more informations) the user (or application) should provide the hypervisor and host as URL parameters because Simplestack is stateless and just execute a simple task on a given target.

Virtualization support

Unfortunately not all hypervisors have support to all features the Simplestack API provides and when the hypervisor could not deal with this operation or Simplestack doesn’t have the implementation for the requested operation it will raise the (NotImplementedError) exception.

The current implementation state for Simplestack can be seen below.

Fully implemented

  • Xen

Work in progress

  • VMware
  • KVM


  • LXC
  • HyperV

Fully implemented means it is being used to create and manage virtual machines on a large infrastructure.