Simplestack provides an HTTP REST interface to run commands on a given hypervisor. Some informations must be sent for Simplestack to decide on which hypervisor it needs to connect and the auth keys.


This URL makes Simplestack to connect to a Xen hypervisor that has the address as a master.

The username and password should be sent as a “token” identified as the x-simplestack-hypervisor-token header. The token is just a simple base64 encoded string of user:password.

An example with curl would be:

curl -H “x-simplestack-hypervisor-token:c2ltcGxlc3RhY2s6c2ltcGxlUDRzNXcwckQ=”

Where x-simplestack-hypervisor-token is a base64 encoded string for the user and password: simplestack:simpleP4s5w0rD.

For more information on the available endpoints for hypervisor operations please refer to the REST API endpoints reference.

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